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    Lovezone doesnt have creditcard payment 1 reactie

    Lovezone.nl is really the best datingsite at this moment from the Netherlands. There are really a lot of woman online every day and i have a lot of chats, most woman doesn't care that i come from Colombia and that my Dutch language is not top nodge. A little thing, it's really hard for someone without a dutch ideal bank account to pay when there is no creditcard option, please add it. I had to mail the money with a letter transfer, it worked in 2 days and i got discount so i can't complain.


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    Leroy (41) 27 juni 2019
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      Something to add, i pressed enter too fast. I'm really glad that i made some friends on Lovezone.nl in and around Amsterdam, the city where i live in at this moment. It's not only dating but also getting friends, woman friends mostly, because i like woman more you know.

      Leroy (41) 27 juni 2019

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